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TV Repair
LCD TV & Plasma TV

We can arrange installation and service of your flat panel screen by one of our qualified technicians.

Did you know that we are certified by ISF (Imaging Science Resource lab) to calibrate your set for a brighter and clearer picture?

Rear Projection TVs

Do you have a rear projection set in your home or office?

Are you seeing double images?

Does your picture look milky?

We can arrange to come to your home or office to not only repair your rear projection TV but to connect and calibrate your TV to its highest standards. 
Astron Electronics is an authorized service centre for most major

Home Theater System
We can repair and service most types of video cameras.
VHS, VHSC, 8mm, HIGH 8, DV, DVD, HD.
Security Cameras & DVR Repair
We Repair All Make & Model CCTV Cameras And DVR

Home theater system


Security camera systems

Computer Repair and Upgrades

TV Repair

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